The company is committed to continuous work in Product Quality and Environmental Management, honours the Russian and International legislation on environmental protection and reduction of environmental impact. It has highly skilled personnel and technologies available for implementation of such work. The main quality and environment objectives are stated in the Company Policy.

Polymers processing is environmentally friendly and application of polymers has more advantages comparing to other materials - that contributes to preservation of ecosystems and takes the quality of life to a higher level. Sustainability and environmental safety is a strategic priority and an integral part of the Company activity.

New innovative materials are always developed with health, safety, environmental safety in mind and company personnel support these values.

In 2013, POLYPLASTIC Group and its production plants were certified to GOST R ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


The main objectives in quality and environment:

Conduct research and implementation of new technologies that promote sustainable use of natural resources and prevent pollution;

create waste-free operation;

take measures reducing risks of accidents;

create organisational and information environment for effective implementation and products quality improvement;

implementation and development of quality and environmental managements system in line with the requirements of the standards;

rational use of finance, materials and human resources for continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management.

Production sustainability:

No environmental pollution;

Every year sees reduction of water and energy consumption in production processes thanks to modern equipment;

Production process uses a closed circuit water supply;

Our plants have implemented practically waste-free production. All scrap and bags from raw materials (PE and PP) get recycled and then turned into pipe caps.

Produce Ecology:

Low roughness and high flow capacity;

Flexibility, elasticity and impact resistance allow unlimited pipeline construction in unstable grounds, reduce costs for trenches preparation and, in some cases, negotiate pipe bends with no fittings required;

PE pipes do not get damaged when water freezes inside them and resume to normal operation after melt-down;

High economic efficiency due to low cost of installation and operation through the entire service life;

Integrity of pipeline systems;

Polyethylene is recyclable;

ompliance with the GOST R ISO 9001 and GOST R ISO 14001 requirements confirms the Group’s high responsibility towards quality and environment.

The Group strictly adheres to Russian and International legislation for environmental protection. The Group allocates funds, employs highly qualified specialists and has technologies to support this work.


POLYPLASTIC Group’s plants have their own ecologists whose responsibilities are: 

  • * regular activity directed to reduction of pollution;
  • * effective use of natural resources;
  • * energy saving;
  • * evaluation of environmental activity results;
  • * training of personnel in line with environmental management system;
  • * monitoring of compliance with environmental legislation at the plants.

Schedule of pollution emissions

Governed by the integrated management system, POLYPLASTIC Group analyses and improves quality profile of production and goods, monitors the quality compliance of raw materials, storage of raw materials and ready produce. All plants and enterprises of the Group provide annual reports on improvement of the quality of work in environment protection and:

  • conduct of production (environmental) monitoring of compliance with environment protection requirements;
  • define of significant ecological aspects their impact on environment;
  • identify the sources of pollution and complies with emission requirements

Major advantages of plastic products:

energy efficiency

no need in extraction of trees

deposits and corrosion free

environmental compatibility at production and operation

environmentally safe welding equipment

low accident risk

area preservation

long service life (50 years)

We support the principles of consistent development of the chemical industry and proudly provide sustainable products and services.