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Water disposal: non-pressure sewerage systems

POLYPLASTIC Group offers a wide range of non-pressure systems for design and construction of storm water, domestic and industrial sewerage pipelines.

All products are certified and supplied with complete package of documents, including quality and compliance certificates. Technical recommendations references can be provided upon request.

Key characteristics of non-pressure plastic pipelines

Leak integrity during the operation – not less than 50 years according to GOST R 54475-2011

Resistance to dynamic and static load

Reliability at ground movement, seismic resistance

High chemical resistance, no corrosion, no biofouling and significant deposits

High wear resistance

Wide range of fittings and manholes

Availability of various engineering solutions for collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater

Easy assembly, reliability and operating efficiency

Selection recommendation for non-pressure pipelines systems

NPVC Pipeline system

CORSYS type pipeline system

PERFOCOR pipeline system

SPIROLINE pipeline system

CORSYS PLUS pipeline system

CORSYS ARM pipeline system

DN/OD, mm


to order: 400 и 500



to order: 75, 90, 400-630

DN/ID, mm


to order: 200-600




Sub-main sewers, connections to the main sewers

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Main sewers (main collectors)

Construction of culverts under roads

Recommended for storm drains uncleaned from sand and stones

Drainage systems

Low pressure drainage systems (up to 0.5 MPa) - duckers, water intakes, deep-water outlets, etc.

Restoration (sanitation) of worn-out pipelines, including under a flow

Repair (restoration) of culverts under the roads

POLYPLASTIC Manholes system

Manholes are designed for the pipelines connection and bends as well as for places with inclination and pipe diameter changes. POLYPLASTIC Group offers standard, tangential, back-drop manholes. We can design and manufacture welded manholes upon customer technical requirements for the most challenging projects.

TALIS valves

TALIS knife gate valves are used for flow cut-off in water disposal pipelines. Their major design advantage is a full bore at open state, which minimises pressure loss. Patented U-shape seal provides leak integrity in both flow direction and gate cleaning, straight surface of the saddle prevents the deposit built-up.

Valves with metal-to-metal sealing are used for the flow cut-off when fluids are non-aggressive towards materials: sewage, raw and grey water. Full bore provides minimal head loss.

The gate valves are used when full or partial flow cut-off is required. Module structure allows various design modification to customer’s request.

Air valves are designed for the protection of sewage pumping stations and pipelines from damage caused by air (no air) in the system. Return valves protect pumping equipment and pipelines from return flow. They require low maintenance. The design of ball and butterfly return valves is 100% compatible with other types of TALIS valves.

TALIS fittings: various flange adapters for NPVC pipes allow transition to pipe made of other materials (steel, cast-iron and other), couplers, dismantling joints. They are useful for installation and dismantling of equipment and can be used for connection of two segments of the pipeline.

Water treatment units

Surface water treatment units are designed for cleaning drainage water to the discharge standards for city sewage or other water sites of category I and II.

Disposal of surface flow is conducted in accordance with Water Code of Russian Federation, Federal Law of Russian Federation “On environmental protection” and requirements towards surface water protection. Disposal of drainage water must be done with the compulsory treatment of drainage water depending on the conditions of the discharge.

POLYPLASTIC Group’s specialists provide project technical support for:

Customers – feasibility study of the design solution in terms of maintenance and operation.

Design organisations – selection of project solution to the technical requirements towards treatment of waste water, positioning of water treatment unit upon the design, selection of properties depending on the load, calculation of the quality of treatment.

Construction companies – services of supervision installation, technical consulting during construction

Water storage reservoirs

Reservoirs are designed for storage of grey water, non-potable liquids and fire fighting water storage.