Development of new products and technologies is vital for POLYPLASTIC Group.This is the key to holding leading position in the market. This is only possible with a serious scientific foundation. The POLYPLASTIC Group Research & Development Centre (R&D) and Scientific Research Institute together employ 80 highly qualified specialists in physics and chemistry of polymers, materials science and plastics processing and Doctors of Science and PhD holders.

Scientific Research Institute

This facility works on scientific, technological and technical development related to the production and deployment of plastic piping. The Institute conducts materials research, design works for the development of processes, new production technologies for all types of pipe products as well as methodical research, engineering support and deployment of all new types of pipe products and technologies. The Institute’s equipment meets the highest standards of modern research organizations. The latest generation equipment for physical and chemical research made by the world’s leading producers.

One of the main tasks of the Institute is the work on standardisation and certification:

  • - Adaptation of regulating documentation at the production plants;
  • - Technical specifications for engineering support;
  • - Development of quality management documentation and organisation of the Group’s laboratories operation in accordance with GOST R 17025.


This facility provides scientific and development support for composite division.

The goals of the division are:

  • - Formulation of brand new types of polymer composite materials;
  • - Accumulation of knowledge and experience not mentioned in science articles and patents;
  • - Development of compounding technologies;
  • - Evaluation of the full range of physical and mechanical, technology, electrophysical properties and other operation parameters of thermoplastic composite materials.

MITHT named after M.Lomonosov

Since 2007, the company has operated a production technology department for polymer composites, pipe and fittings – a branch of the Department of Chemistry and Plastics and Polymeric Composite Technologies of Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies named after Lomonosov (traditional abbreviation ‘‘MITHT’’).

Department aims:

  • - Training and preparation of qualified specialists in plastics processing technologies and polymeric composites;
  • - Preparation of graduates and doctoral candidates employed by the Group;
  • - Advanced training for all company personnel.


POLYPLASTIC Research and Production Enterprise (R&P POLYPLASTIC) specialises in commercial production of thermoplastic composite materials for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding processing. The division is at the forefront of composite materials market and continually expands its production capacity. The company has already reached a compounding production capacity of nearly 110 kilotons per year. The product range includes over 250 materials for a range of industries including automotive, railways, home appliances, electrical and electronic engineering.