Welded wells

Welded wells are produced according to TU 2291-011-59355492-2006 by extrusion welding based on the CORSYS® / CORSYS® PLUS pipes parts.

Welded wells are produced in the Klimovsiyk pipe plant shop of non-standard products basedon the customer’s design. Manual extruder welding is used in wells production. The well is welded at the seams, both on the outer and inner sides, which provides the required strength and tightness. Input / output can be carried out both of smooth or corrugated polyethylene pipe, in accordance with the wishes of the customer and the type of pipeline, where the well is located. This method allows for the implement ation of technical solutions of any complexity.

Each product passes mandatory quality control in the plants department of technical control for compliance with the requirements of the specifications, as well as with the drawings and sketches of the customer. Included In the list of mandatory tests is leak testing of every product, and definition of branch pipe resistance to the punch.

Type of the shaft pipe Rated pipe size Outer diameter Inner diameter
CORSYS® 630 630 535
800 800 678
1000 1000 851
1200 1200 1030
CORSYS® PLUS 1200 1322—1372 1200
1400 1530—1580 1400
1600 1752—1832 1600
2000 2128—2250 2000
2200 2454—2528 2200


Please find standard documentation for design and construction of pipeline systems with polyethylene wells:

Application form for wells (XLS, 34 KB)
Example of the application for the wells (PDF, 269 KB)