Polyethylene pipes for sewerage

Price-list for CORSYS pipes — dual-layer corrugated pipes for free-flow pipelines and drainage (October 19, 2015)
Price-list for CORSYS PRO pipes — dual-layer corrugated pipes for free-flow pipelines (October 19, 2015)
Price-list for CORSYS PLUS pipes from high modulus polyethylene (December 22, 2014)
Price-list for CORSYS ARM pipes (December 22, 2014)

CORSYS pipes


Pipes for free-flow and stormwater sewage

Historically, sewers represented open channels and structures of stone, brick or terracotta. Later sewer systems were built using reinforced concrete pipelines. In the mid-twentieth century, a new solution was found — polymer pipes.

The first pipes for internal and external sewage were made from PVC. They were light and easy to assemble and, furthermore, it became much cheaper to buy the pipe for sewage. But this material does not always meet the necessary operational parameters. Polyethylene, has the best resistance to waste water and aggressive media; that was the reason for its production. However, for the waterways that are used in storm sewer systems (pipes for free-flow sewage), one of the key parameters is sufficient value of the ring rigidity, i. e. the ability to withstand the pressure of the soil and other external mechanical influences. In calculating the external loads allowed in conventional polyethylene pipes, it is necessary to increase the required wall thickness which provides sufficient performance.

Therefore, further development of ideas in the manufacture of polyethylene pipes for storm water sewers was directed at the production of pipes with lighter structures, combining a low consumption of materials with a high ring rigidity. Research on a variety of pipe wall profile types was conducted. One result of this work was the appearance of a special corrugated dual -layer wall line structure, in which the outer layer is corrugated and sufficiently rigid because of its profile, and the inner layer is rather thin and provides hydraulic parameters necessary for a storm sewer system.

Ecopal polyethylene dual-layer corrugated pipes (or in Russia: the dual -layer corrugated polyethylene pipes) manufactured using this technology KORSIS by the Italian company Polieco are lighter than traditional PE pipes and thus have the best characteristics of both ring and longitudinal rigidity.