Price-list for pressure pipes with a protective coating ПРОТЕКТ® (July 01, 2015)

The ПРОТЕКТ® Pipe is a PE pipe with a protective coating used in trench laying without the use of sand backfill, when laying in rocks, coarse-grained (except for boulder), gravel-pebble, and other detrital soils with the inclusion of the above grounds, when installing in unstable soils, using a plow, rotary packing, as well as the use of trenchless technologies: horizontal drilling, puncturing, and the use of a pneumodrill, during relayninge or other methods of renovation.

The ПРОТЕКТ® coating is intended for protection against mechanical damage during transportation, installation, operation of pressure pipes made of polyethylene, GOST 18 599, or other regulatory or technical documents: it is also appropriate for transporting water, including drinking water supply at a nominal pressure of 1,6 MPa and ambient temperature up to +40 ° C, as well as for other liquids, gaseous substances, and pipelines made according to GOST R 50 838 and TU 2248-018-40270293 for the transport of flammable gases with a maximum operating pressure of 1.2 MPa and ambient temperature up to +40 ° C.

The protective layer ПРОТЕКТ® is the outer layer (polyethylene pipe) in the form of a thin-walled shell made of a special mineralfilled heat- and light-stabilized composition based on polypropylene.

Technical details of pressure polyethylene pipes with a protective coating ПРОТЕКТ®

Advantages of ПРОТЕКТ® pipes with protective coating:

  • Complete tightness, environmental safety;
  • Lifetime of up to 100 years;
  • Resistance to all forms of corrosion, absence of deposits, which makes possible the elimination of isolation and does not require cathodic protection systems devices;
  • High discharge capacity;
  • The possibility of trench laying without sand backfill, including the rotary excavation of soil (local soil backfill);
  • The most secure application in trenchless pulling: horizontal directional drilling, puncturing, relayning, replacing with destruction of the old pipeline, and other trenchless technologies that reduce installation costs, as well as reduce the negative impacts on the environment;
  • Due to the protective layer of the tension peaks on the inside surface of the ПРОТЕКТ® constitute only 50% of the tension observed on pipes without the protective coating;
  • Application of the protective layer increases safety by 15-20%, which makes possible increasing resistance to stress caused by internal pressure;
  • Flexibility makes it easy to enter the pipeline in the route bends, and endure «hesitations» of unstable soils, and even seismic activity;
  • Low cost of construction, especially when using conventional open methods. The Price decreases by 2.5-3 times, and does not require additional materials for welding;
  • The time required lay the pipeline — compared to metal equivalents, can be up to 10 times faster;
  • Using welding equipment for butt welding and a wide range of fittings, couplings for electrofusion can achieve good automation, eliminating human error and reducing the possibility of specialist errors.

ПРОТЕКТ® pipe - design
Figure 1. ПРОТЕКТ® pipe - design


Table 1. ПРОТЕКТ® pipe dimensions and thickness of the protective coating
Pressure pipe nominal outer diameter Carrier pipe thickness as per GOST, mm Protective coating thickness
SDR 17 SDR 11 Minimum Maximum
110 6,6 10 0,9 1,5
160 9,5 14,6 1,1 1,7
225 13,4 20,5 1,3 1,9
250 14,8 22,7 1,4 2,1
315 18,7 28,6 1,5 2,3
355 21,1 32,2 1,6 2,4
400 23,7 36,3 1,8 2,6
450 26,7 40,9 1,9 2,8
500 29,7 45,4 2 3
560 33,2 50,8 2,2 3,2
630 37,4 57,2 2,5 3,5
710 42,1   3 5
800 47,4   3 5
900 53,3   3 5
1000 59,3   3 5
1200 71,1   3 5


ПРОТЕКТ® pipe — resistance of protective coating to stresses

The outer coating is designed to ПРОТЕКТ® pressure pipes made of polyethylene from damage. The internal working surface retains the original chracteristics and full functionality after pulling or installation.
Mineral microparticles add to ПРОТЕКТ® with a protective coating resistance to scratching (Fig. 2), as well as distribute the additional stress of adjacent soil caused by sharp stones or fragments of old pipelines.

Figure 2. The nature of the mechanical damages of various types of PE pipes
arising from trenchless methods of pulling

Trenchless technologies subject pipelines to considerable stresses. The degree of protection with a protective layer as compared to conventional (PE pipes for water supply) without coating and coextrusion multilayer pipe of PE is greatest (Fig. 3). The working pipe under stress is undamaged and ready to use without sacrificing performance because the protective coating resists all external influences.

Figure 3. Mechanical damage of various pipe materials
(test results, materials of Research institute at the University of Hannover)