Polyethylene pipes

POLYPLASTIC Group has been producing polyethylene PE pipes for many years and during that time has established itself as a reliable producer and supplier of high-quality products. We are the trusted company in the field, not only by major businesses, but also state enterprises. Polyethylene pipes are made from high quality brands of pipe polyethylene. Quality control is provided by in-house testing laboratories under the supervision of the Group’s R&Dcenter.

Polyethylene pipes. Advantages:

  • Production of polyethylene pipes is one of the most environmentally friendly industries;
  • Best hygienic properties of polyethylene as a material, its chemical resistance;
  • The absense of any type of corrosion and deposits necessary, for the development of biofilms;
  • Polyethylene pipes have a high output capacity;
  • An extremely low failure rate due to high reliability and a minimum number of connections;
  • Exceptional flexibility, elasticity and impact resistance allowing an unrestricted installation of the pipeline in unstable soils, as well as mimimal cost of preparing trenches;
  • High economic efficiency during the lifetime of the pipes due to the low cost of installation and operation.(100 years).

The Cost of PE pipes compared to obsolete metal, iron or zinc-coated pipes in the long run is significantly lower and has a longer lifecycle (up to 100 years vs. 10-12 years of the metal). Plastic PE pipes have much greater corrosion resistance, and therefore the water transported through them it is potable without further treatment.

Our main activity is not only production but also sales of polyethylene pipes. Our network of PE pipes Sales Offices covers the entire country, as well as Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Regional offices are always in contact with the customer. More information on Trade Houses can be found on the «Contact Us» page.

Cost information and purchase options fo PE pipes are available on the appropriate page from the selection below. You can also order polymer products using the «Make order» form on the website.