PE fittings and components

Polyethylene fittings, price and description of components.

Polyethylene fittings are designed for the construction of pressure pipelines in bends, branchings, paints of changing route diameter, connection of valves, etc.
They are made by pressing pipe shells with subsequent machining or by machining pipe shells from polyethylene grades with a minimum rupture strength MRS 8,0 MPa (PE 80) and MRS 10 MPa (PE100), with permission from the Russian Federation Oversight Committee for Sanitation and Epidemiology for manufacturing parts for drinking water supply systems.
Products are designed for butt welding connection with pipes of GOST 18599-2001 for drinking water supply at a temperature from 0 º C to 40 º C, as well as for transporting other liquids or gaseous substances to which polyethylene is chemically resistant.
The design and installation of water supply and sewerage piping systems with the use of fittings is performed according to SP 40-102-2000 and industry construction standards and recommendations.

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Fittings in the range presented below have marking applied on the case with a heated metal stamp:

  • The abbreviated name of the fittings manufacturer or its trademark (KPP — Klimovskiy Pipe Plant);
  • Identification mark without specifying its type;
  • Date of manufacture (month, year), the batch number.

Also, on delivery fittings and connection pieces are provided with quality passports, where the following information is indicated:

  • Name and / or trademark of the manufacturer;
  • Location (address) of the manufacturer;
  • Identification mark;
  • Batch number;
  • Batch size;
  • Date of manufacture;
  • Test results or evidence of compliance to the technical requirements;
  • Mark of technical control department.

If you wish to purchase fittings or learn the price of fittings and components, please see the relevant sections specified below.

  • Fittings with embedded heaters
  • Moulded and elongated fittings
  • Short fittings
  • Welded fittings
  • Compression fittings
  • Metal sleeves for maintenance

Segmented fittings

Welded fittings

Welded fittings are used to connect pipes for gas supply, for water supply and for polyethylene sewer pipe connections. Welded fittings have proven to be a reliable, cost-effective and user friendly technology.
The weldability of polyethylene is a significant advantage compared with other materials. A welded pipe is a uniform undismountable system. The welding of PE pipes profitably differs from, for example, pipeline assembly based on the use of reinforcement because the use of elastomeric sealing components in this case is reduced to a minimum.
Welded fittings are also used in the manufacture of segmental or welded fittings PE pipe welding of polyethylene PE 80 and PE 100 (butt welding of polyethylene pipe segments). Welding of PE pipes by butt welding is a modern and low-cost way constructing of pipelines of any complexity.
Welded fittings are used for installation of pressure pipelines, tubes for outside sewerage in bends, branchings, points of changing route diameter, connection of valves, etc.
Welded fittings are used for installation of pipelines for drinking water supply (as per GOST18599-2001) at temperature from 0ºC to 40ºC, as well as for transporting the other liquids or gaseous substances to which polyethylene is chemically resistant, with the exception of combustible gases.
«POLYPLASTIC» Group recommends using welded fittings produced by the Klimovskiy pipe plant during the laying of welded pressure polyethylene pipelines of large diameter.

Compression fittings. HDPE Compression Fittings

HDPE compression fittings — main range of application:

  • distribution of potable water;
  • Time line of water distribution in buildings;
  • Sprinkler systems;
  • Irrigation systems.

HDPE compression fittings — main advantages:

  • Flexible or rigid connections;
  • Do not require precise alignment of pipes;
  • Do not require special tools;
  • Various materials and sizes;
  • Do not require special training (fast and easy connection)