Equipment for welding of PE pipes

Socket welding machines

The Electrofusion and socket welding machines, offered by POLYPLASTIC Group meet the highest standards of installation of various plastic pipes. They areintended for automatic welding of polyethylene pipes. They have a light and intuitive interface. It is possible to connect to a computer (to minimize the human factor).

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Socket welding machine.
Manufacturer: Switzerland.
Input of welding parameters: automatic (light gun or contactless scanner — MSA350 PLUS), manual.
Diameter of welded pipe fittings: 20 — 710 mm.
Logging (built-in memory): Up to 800 logs.
Welding voltage range: 8 — 48 V.
Power supply: 180 — 264 V.
Generator requirements: 220 V / 3780 W / 50 Hz.
Dimensions: 280×200×350 mm.
Weight: 11.5 kg.
Safety Standard: IP 65.
Features: Simple and intuitive interface. Russian menu. The possibility of additional programming by the user. Computer tracking of the welding cycle. The package includes Russian software MSA WINWELD for welding logs evaluation on the PC.


Electrofusion welding machine TRASSA

  • Continuous welding of fittings with diameter up to 630mm;
  • Weight of apparatus: 16kg;
  • Easy and intuitive control;
  • Built-in automatic protection from power surges;
  • Memory for 1024 welding logs;
  • Automatic control of the welding process;
  • RS232 port for transfer of welding logs to the computer;
  • The case is made of aluminum alloy;
  • Safety standard IP65.

The TRASSA Electrofusion welding machine is designed for welding plastic gas and water pipes by means of fittings with embedded heaters. Recommended by construction and service organizations for the installation of new and reconstruction of old polyethylene pipelines, also indispensable during emergency repair of pipe sections.
Stable, continuous operation of the generator and permanent automatic control of the welding process makes it possible to efficiently perform all the tasks of welding in the field.
Manufacturer Cheboksarskiy Pipe Plant, LLC, Polyplastic, GC


Electrofusion welding machine TRASSA-M

  • Continuous welding of fittings with diameter up to 630mm;
  • Adjustable welding voltage from 14 to 48Volt;
  • Easy and intuitive. Manual and automatic input of welding parameters;
  • Built-in automatic protection against over-voltage power supply;
  • Automatic control of the welding process. Recording and storage of 1024 welding logs;
  • Display of parameters and welding logs on the screen in text form in Russian or English;
  • RS232 port for welding logs transfer tothe computer. Includes non-contact barcode scanner;
  • Rugged die-cast housing with active cooling device;
  • Dimensions: 450×280×190mm. weight of the device 14.5 kg;
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz, 4.5 kVA;
  • Safety standard IP54.
  • Warranty period is 2 years.

The TRASSA-M Electrofusion welding machine is intended for the professional automatic welding of polyethylene pipes with the log recording function, followed by viewing on the apparatus display and transfer to a PC. The TRASSA -M welding machine is safely protected from unstable power supply and can operate continuously from a generator in the field. Non-contact scanner can easily read bar codes from the fitting. With the new software, you can transfer welding logs from the machine’s memory to a PC, with subsequent processing and systematization.