POLYPLASTIC Group celebrated 25th Anniversary

January 18 2017

POLYPLASTIC Group, the largest producer of plastic pipes and composite materials, has celebrated its 25th anniversary. The celebration was marked at all sites of the Group at various points. Prior to the official event dedicated to the company birthday, POLYPLASTIC Day took place in all regions of company’s operation.

KWD-globalpipe, 22.12.2016. The plants and trading houses of the Group jointly celebrated the Jubilee with sports events, team building sessions, and picnics with the participation of the top management of the Group. Over 750 people took part in the POLYPLASTIC Day in the suburbs of Moscow. This included employees from the central office, AND Gaztrubplast Plant, Klimovsk Pipe Plant, Novomoskovsk Plastic Pipes Plant, POLYPLASTIC and POLYPLASTIC Centre Trading houses, POLYPLASTIC R&D and the Training Centre. On a sunny day in July they gathered together with their families at the Vozdvizhenskoye Park Hotel.

“We are pleased to see all of you at our big family event”, said Miron Gorilovskiy, CEO of POLYPLASTIC Group, “as POLYPLASTIC is not only about work, not just a product. POLYPLASTIC has become a second family for most of you, the place you can spend time and live a full life. Today we are gathered with friends to celebrate our 25th anniversary and to make it more fun to work... for the next 25 years”.
On 19 August, the actual birthday of the company, all divisions of the company from Khabarovsk to Minsk held a celebratory live on-line conference. In Moscow, in front of the Ochakovo Business Centre, a massive tent was set up with tables laid with champagne and fruit, and the equipment re-quired for the live conference with all the cities in POLYPLASTIC’s operation. The event was opened by Miron Gorilovskiy. He spoke about the major achievements of the last five years and the role of the company in modern life in Russia. He congratulated the whole staff of thousands of people for the anniversary.
In the years of its operation, POLYPLASTIC had become a symbol and a synonym for the most advanced technologies, the most reliable (and practically everlasting) pipes, and the most durable polymers, Valentin Buyanovskiy, a member of the Board who also joined the party, said. He compared the company toXerox which became the symbol of all copying appliances. “We analyse our past, learn from our mistakes but our hearts belong in the future”, Buyanovskiy said. He described his vision of the com-pany’s future and encouraged everyone to keep their team spirit, family and friendship and build an atmosphere based on respect and support as this is the only way to grow talent and grow the busi-ness further.
Lots of well-wishers, from East to West, from Khabarovsk to Belarus, plants and sub-companies of the Group, congratulated everybody live. Several companies also prepared original videos.
POLYPLASTIC is a peer of modern Russia and has gone through changes along with the whole country. Becoming a free economy in 1990, the period of the ‘wild market’ when ready produce was bartered for a car or truck, the rapid growth of noughties when the Group was building at least one plant every year, and the crises of 1995, 1998, 2008 and the current one, the deepest and most extensive. Nevertheless, POLYPLASTIC Group has survived all disasters and is still standing thanks to two major elements, noted by Vladislav Kovriga, one of the company’s most honoured veterans. He said the key to development and success is a united team of good and professional people and large-scale thinking aimed at prospects.
Source: www.journal.plastic-pipes.ru, Issue 3-2016: “POLYPLASTIC Group celebrates 25th Anniversary” (in Russian language), page 4, by Press Centre of POLYPLASTIC Group / Contact: POLYPLASTIC Group, Russia, www.polyplastic.ru