POLYPLASTIC Group launches Plant in Khabarovsk Region for PE Pipe Production

January 18 2017

POLYPLASTIC Group has announced the launch of Khabarovsk Pipe Plant, the new enterprise for production of plastic pipes, in August. The Plant is based in Rakitnoe industrial site in Khabarovsk Special Economic Zone.

POLYPLASTIC Group, the largest producer of plastic pipes and composite materials, has celebrated its 25th anniversary. The celebration was marked at all sites of the Group at various points. Prior to the official event dedicated to the company birthday, POLYPLASTIC Day took place in all regions of company’s operation.

KWD-globalpipe, 22.12.2016. The construction of the plant started in February 2016. The launch of the plant took place in August.

Currently, 4 extrusion lines for production of pressure PE pipes with diameter up to 800mm are in operation. This includes production of PROTECT pipe up to 800mm with protective layer insuring pipe safety during transportation and installation. There is also a line for production of non- Current product mix of RWC USA Geographic sales mix of RWC USA KWD-globalpipe 623 15.12.2016 www.kwd-globalpipe.com page 5 Net sales contribution (FY2016, percentages based on AUD) RWC historical net sales growth, constant currency basis (A$m) pressure spiral wound SPIROLINE pipes with diameters up to 2400mm with the option of applying internal and external coatings. These pipes are widely applied in the region for the construction and renovation of large diameter sewer and water disposal pipelines. The production unit for PE man-holes, fittings and custom-made products is planned to be launched in 2017.

The enterprise is based in the newly built shop with total area of more than 3,000sq.m, which earlier belonged to Samstroi, the company of a well-known builder Vladimir Fridman, who became co-founder of the new plant. Total production capacity of the plant is 15,000 tons of PE pipes and fittings that will allow satisfying the current and prospective demand of the Far Eastern Federal District for plastic produce for external water supply, gas distribution, water disposal and sewer networks, cable networks and industrial pipes. Being situated in the heart of the region, it will reduce costs for trans-portation, comparing to the previously supplied produce from Irkutsk and even Moscow region.

The Plant’s products have passed the necessary certification in October 2016. The target for 2017 is to produce and supply 7,000 tons of PE pipes and fittings to the customers of the Far Eastern Federal District. POLYPLASTIC Siberia, Khabarovsk Unit, part of POLYPLASTIC Group will carry out sales for the Plant.

POLYPLASTIC Siberia is well known in the Far Eastern Federal District as a supplier of high quality innovative PE pipes produce for external infrastructure. The status of the Special Economic Zone Resident offers the Plant significant tax breaks. High quality pipe grade PE from Korea and Thailand will significantly reduce the transportation costs for the supply of the plant with raw materi-als. All this reduces the cost of produce and supply the housing, utility and industrial companies of Far Eastern Region with quality pipe products at an attractive price.

Source: www.journal.plastic-pipes.ru, Issue 3-2016: “POLYPLASTIC Group launches a new plant in Khabarovsk region” (in Russian language), page 18, by Press Centre of POLYPLASTIC Group / Contact: POLYPLASTIC Group, www.polyplastic.ru