• POLYPLASTIC was registered on August 19 as a small-scale plastic processing company.






  • The composite production was supplemented by the AND Gaztrubplast plant, which specialized in manufacturing plastic pipes;
  • The research and development center Plastic was provided with more than 30 employeese and equipped with modern facilities for the study of plastics.






  • Production of flexible pre-insulated PROFLEKS pipes, intended for district heating was started at AND Gaztrubplast.






  • The Klimovsky Pipe Plant, with a total production capacity of about 30 thousand tons of pipes per year, began work in the city of Klimovsk (Moscow region). Six modern production lines installed at the factory were capable of producing plastic pipes from 20 to 1200 mm in diameter for water and gas applications;
  • A new enterprise — Cheboksary Pipe Plant, whose main activity is pipes and fittings for water and gas supply, with a total production capacity of approximately 13 thousand tons of pipes per year, was started up at Cheboksary. A joint venture, Brugg-Plast, whose main activity is the sale of flexible pipes for corrosive and high temperature liquids within the CIS, was established;
  • The Joint Venture Golan-Plast for production of crosslinked polyethylene pipes began work at the AND Gaztrubplast plant.






  • Production of flexible pre-insulated Casaflex pipes with a carrier pipe made of stainless steel designed for district heating was started at AND Gaztrubplast;
  • The relocation of the Cheboksary Pipe Plant to Novocheboksarsk was completed. The manufacture of transition PE-steel pipe pieces was established; The trading houses «Evrotrubplast » (Kyiv) and «Yugtrubplast» (Rostov-on-Don, Rostov region) were established as centers for the introduction of modern polymer technologies in construction and reconstruction of utilities.






  • The Rubezhansky Pipe Plant was launched in Rubezhnoe (Lugansk region) with a total production capacity of about 12 thousand tons of pipes per year. Four modern lines installed at the factory could produce polyethylene pipes for water and gas supply with diameters of 20-630 mm;
  • The official opening of the Cheboksary Pipe Plant. The BelEvroTrubPlast joint venture company for the implementation of modern polymer technology for construction and reconstruction of utilities was established at the new territory in Belarus;
  • The start of CORSYS Pipe production at the Klimovskiy Pipe Plant. CORSYS Pipes are intended for free-flow and storm sewers with diameters from 200 to 630 mm. Total production capacity — up to 3500 tons per year.






  • The manufacture of stainless steel pipes required for the production of flexible heat-insulated «Casafleks» pipes started at the «AND Gaztrubplast» plant;
  • The first phase of modernization of the Rubezhansky Pipe Plant, LLC production line was completed. Two production lines were put into operation, increasing the plant capacity to 16 thousand tons per year;
  • Laying of the foundation stone of the Saratov Pipe Plant, which would join Evrotrubplast as a leading enterprise in the manufacture of plastic pipes.
  • The first phase of modernization of the Klimovsky Pipe Plant, LLC production line was completed. A new pipe shop with a capacity of 20 thousand tons per year for manufacturing «CORSYS» pipes (7 thousand tons per year) a fitting center covering more than 7000 m ² were put into operation. As a result of reconstruction the total plant capacity increased to 72 thousand tons per year;
  • POLYPLASTIC Group, having consolidated OK POLYPLASTIC-Technopol and «Evrotrubplast», celebrated its 15th anniversary (the anniversary booklet);
  • The construction of the «Yugtrubplast» plant was completed. Twelve thousand tons of materials went into the design capacity of the first stage of the plant and would be further increased to 20 thousand tons. Launching of commercial products manufacturing is scheduled for January 2007;
  • A new shop for manufacturing PEX-pipes for multilayer pipe systems was built at the "AND Gaztrubpalst «plant. Four complete lines for production of reinforced pressure pipes were established. Equipment was intended for the production of pipes ranging in diameters from 50 mm to 200 mm;
  • Two production lines were installed at the workshop for manufacturing CORSYS pipes at the Klimovsky Pipe Plant. The range of pipe diameters produced was expanded from 110 to 1200 mm.






  • The Management of POLYPLASTIC Group decided to establish STS-Belpoliplastik, a company to replace Kiranna, which previously had carried out sales of the Kohanovskiy Pipe Plant production;
  • The production line of free-flow and low pressure spiral windpipes was installed and commissioned at the Klimovskiy Pipe Plant. This method allowed for the production of pipes of different wall profiles with diameters of up to 4000 mm.






  • The modernization of the production floor at the Rubezhansky Pipe plant was carried out: the production line for pressure polyethylene pipes with diameters of up to 1200 mm was installed and commissioned, and a shop for production of the corrugated free-flow CORSYS pipes with a diameter of up to 500 mm started. With this modernization, the total plant capacity grew to more than 30 thousand tons per year.






  • The Irkutsk Pipe Plant began operations, producing pressure pipes with diameters from 10 mm to 630 mm and double-layer corrugated polyethylene CORSYS pipes for household, industrial and storm sewer applications. The production capacity of the plant stood at 15 thousand tons of finished products per year;
  • The first production stage of the Kalushskiy Pipe Plant was put into operation and three extrusion processing lines for the production of polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 500 mm were commisioned;
  • A record amount of pipe products — 8 thousand tons, was set up In Kazakhstan. The decision to build the Arystan Stepnogorskiy pipe plant for production of polyethylene pipes with a diameter of from 20 to 1200 mm was made in December for 6 extrusion lines with a capacity of 25 thousand tons. Beginning of production release — the summer of 2010.






  • The (President of POLYPLASTIC Group celebrated his 50th birthday)
  • The Kalushskiy Pipe Plant released the first batch of PVC pipes;
  • The Stepnogorskiy Pipe Plant «Arystan» started operations. On June 16 the plant manufactured its first products;
  • In September the plant recieved an honorary mention from the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Saratovskiy Pipe Plant launched a new line for the production of composite materials in October 2010. With the introduction of an additional line, the total output of composite materials grew to more than 3-3.2 thousand tons per month. The company had five production lines for the manufacture of composite materials (such trademarks as Armlen, Armamid, Tehnamid and Armovil) with a total capacity of 2.5 thousand tons per month. Thus, the launch of the new line increased production capacity by 20-28%;
  • POLYPLASTIC Group moved two places higher and took 168th place in the rankings for Forbes «200 largest non-public companies of Russia».






  • On February 15, 2011 the Klimovsk pipe plant of the POLYPLASTIC Group with working visit was visited by the Chairman of Committee on the industry of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of S. V. Sobko who with a great interest familiarized with production and was pleasantly surprised with that fact that the Russian plant, created any 8 years ago, today is the largest plant on production of polyethylene pipes in Europe;
  • On the threshold of the 20 anniversary the POLYPLASTICITY Group was invited to interview in channel «Program 7» «Expert TV». Questions of the leader were answered by the finance director of Group V. M. Buyanovsky. He told about history of creation of the company and development prospect in the next years. Watch a plot transmissions on our site in «Videogalerey’s» section;
  • In April, 2011 at Cheboksary pipe plant production of pipes CORSYS of SN6 and SN8 in diameters 250 is mastered, 315 and 630 mm, the plan of production is executed in full. Soon it is supposed to let out pipes in diameters of 400 and 500 mm;
  • «Plastic Pipes of Miron Gorilovsky (the general director of JSC Group POLYPLASTIC) in the „White house“ call one of the best in the world...» — the quote from daily RBC;
  • On May 22, 2011 the 5-year anniversary noted Yugtrubplast plant;
  • On Klimovsk pipe plant release of pressure head pipes in diameter to 1600 mm is begun.
  • On May 24, 2011 the POLYPLASTIC Group took part in the II All-Russia congress of «gazelles» which is carried out by EXPERT media holding;
  • On May 25, 2011 the President of the POLYPLASTIC Group was invited to a meeting with the Prime minister of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin in connection with an initiative of the Head of the government about creation of Agency of strategic initiatives;
  • On May 28, 2011 the eighth birthday meets Cheboksary pipe plant — dynamically developing enterprise with hi-tech production and the wide range of offered production. In the long term — further development of production, development of new types of production and stably quality maintenance in all processes of activity of the enterprise;
  • On August 19, 2011 the POLYPLASTICITY Group celebrated the 20 anniversary. Heads of the regional ministries and departments congratulated on anniversary the management and labor collective, the Russian Union of chemists, partners and friends of the company from the State Duma, the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • The annual output plan of composite materials is expected to reach 60,000 T;
  • The product range of engineering composite materials comprises more than 250 grades intended for a wide spectrum of automotive, engineering, railway, construction, household, electrical and electronic appliances applications, virtually for all industries, where the plastics can be used.






  • In February at Cheboksary pipe plant the thousand welding device TRASSA M is let out.
  • In April, 2012 in the POLYPLASTICITY Group begun work Training center. The center is equipped with everything necessary means for educational process, provided with literature, the equipment and rooms for a theoretical and practical training.
  • JSC OZTI (Omsky zavod trubnoy izolyatsii) became the eleventh plant of Group. The former owner of OZTI received a share in the capital of JSC POLYPLASTIC Group and a place in company board of directors. According to the business plan, the output volume will grow by OZTI for the next some years more than twice.