POLYPLASTIC Group — The largest plastic producer in Russia POLYPLASTIC Group


Polymerteplo group introductory presentation

The story of the POLYPLASTIC Group began back in 1991. The 1990s were the years when Russia’s industry was being severely damaged by a financial crisis. POLYPLASTIC was one of the companies that managed to survive that volatile situation, maintaining its level of production and subsequently becoming a top-rated plastics processing company.

Today, the POLYPLASTIC Group comprises twelve plastics processing enterprises (located in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan), two Research and Development (R&D) centres, as well as a number of joint ventures and trading houses. The company is staffed by a workforce of more than 5,000 employees, and annually produces thermoplastic composites, polyethylene pipe systems and fittings in excess of 290 kilotonnes.

POLYPLASTIC’s compounding business has played an important role in the company’s development. The demand for engineering thermoplastics in Russia created a solid base for the expansion of the company into the production of composite materials. While actively participating in the development of the engineering thermoplastics market, the POLYPLASTIC Group substantially expanded and enhanced its compounding facilities — a move which increased the company’s overall compounding capacity to approximately 70 kilotonnes annually.

The compounding division of the POLYPLASTIC Group specialises in the manufacturing of composite materials based on PP (Armlen®), PA 6 (Armamid®), PA 66 (Technamid®), PBT (Technoter®), as well as in thermoplastic elastomers based on PVC and PP. Its wide range of products (more than 250 grades) covers all well-known reinforced and modified systems, including: glass fibre reinforced, mineral-filled, impact modified, flame retardant and wear resistant.

A significant share of the POLYPLASTIC Group’s portfolio is occupied by thermoplastic composites for a wide spectrum of automotive, civil construction, railway, household, electric and electronic appliance applications. In many respects, the POLYPLASTIC Group could be considered to be a leader within the Russian engineering plastics market.

The POLYPLASTIC Group’s production of composite materials, concentrated at three production sites — in Moscow, Tolyatti and Saratov — is ISO 9001 certified. The Group is committed to maintaining high standards of quality, both among its products and its customer service. It is our marketing strategy to take into account the types of processing equipment used by our customers, and then to offer them exclusive products, with features and performance characteristics fully adapted to their requirements, in order to ensure the highest possible level of operating efficiency.